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1.  Who are you?

Compassionate Creations is just a group of people who want to offer some comfort and support (in a small way) to those who have been sexually assaulted or abused.  The majority of scarves we receive are made by people who have experienced sexual violence in their own lives, and know all to well the pain that survivors face.  Others are made by friends and family members of assault survivors, or by people who want to do something to stand out against the sexual violence they see in the world around them.  In addition to offering some comfort and hope to those who have survived this violence, we also wish to start breaking through the silence and shame that surrounds rape and sexual abuse and to let people know they don't have to suffer alone.

2.  Why scarves?

The main reason we have chosen scarves is because they are very simple to make, which allows more people to be able to get involved and contribute. 

The other reason is scarves can serve as a tangible reminder that the survivor is not alone.  They can be worn, touched, and held...a symbol of support you can wrap yourself in knowing that each stitch was made with concerns and thoughts for you.  But it is also a silent and private form of support.  To others the scarf is merely an article of clothing.  The true meaning is something only the owner knows.

3.  Do I have to wear it?

That is up to you.  Some choose to wear the scarf as a way to feel supported during painful times of stress.  Others merely keep it in view, such as draped over a chair, to serve as a silent reminder that they are not alone and that there is someone else out there who understands.  Still others choose to keep the scarf in a drawer and then pull it out during those times the pain feels too overwhelming and they need something to hold onto.  There is not a right or wrong way to use the scarves.

4.  Do you really think a scarf is going to take away the pain I'm feeling?

We wish there was something we could give you that would take all your pain away.  The scarves just provide a small amount of support and comfort while you are dealing with your pain.  In no way do we mean to imply that a scarf is all you need to feel better.  We know all to well the amount of pain survivors of sexual assault and abuse face.  A survivor of sexual violence needs an abundance of support, way more than one scarf can provide.  Organizations such as The Rape Crisis Center of Central Massachusetts can help you with the support you need.  We encourage all sexual violence survivors to reach out to others for help.  You don't have to face this alone.

5.  Why did I receive something other than a scarf?

In the Spring of 2008 we decided to try a few other items that we felt would still bring comfort to other survivors, but might be more "suitable" for our New England summer months if the survivors wanted to use them.  If you received one of these items we would really love your opinion!  As always, all communication is confidential.


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